RV-4 .40 (GPMA0180)
Tech Notes

Note #1 -

Please note there are 2 minor errors on the rudder plan and the rudder area of the fuselage plan. Please make these 2 minor corrections to your plans:

  1. The plans show the top of the rudder as diecut 1/8 balsa fin top (FT). The rudder is actually built from the outer framer sticks.

  2. The plans show along side of the fin as 3/4" x 3/4" x 12"balsa stab block part RV44F16. RV44F16 is infact the stab block, but what is along side the fin is actually the balsa tail block, part #RV44F08.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Note #2 -

Setting up twin flap servos without using separate receiver channels for each servo:

The plans show aileron/flap servo setup for use with a computer radio. If you're using a non-computer radio, please refer to the following for the setup adjustments:

  1. If you are using "Y" connectors for the aileron servos and have followed the setup shown in the plans, the ailerons will move one up and one down, as it should be. There is no need for modifications.

  2. If you are using "Y" connectors for the flap and have followed the setup shown in the plans, one of the flaps will move up and the other down. To get the two flaps rotating down, one of the flap servo arms will need to be rotated 180 degress. Looking from the top, both flap servos should have their servo arms on the same side. There is no need to change the location of the control horn mounting block. The control horn needs to be moved from the center of the mounting block to the side where the servo arm is. There is just enough space for the control horn to be installed on the mounting block and still let the pushrod arm be installed perpendicular to the servo arm.