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Airplane Box Dimensions & Weights

Stock #Kit #Kit NameWeight
Girth +
Avistar 30cc/EP Sport Trainer ARFGPMA1675 28.5764.7520.3813.88133.27
Avistar Elite .46 ARFGPMA1005 11.0352.8813.759.2598.88
Avistar Elite .46 RTFGPMA1605 16.2655.0016.759.25107.00
Big Stik 40 ARFGPMA1220 7.5740.8815.258.5088.38
Big Stik 60 ARFGPMA1221 7.8440.2514.138.0084.51
Cherokee GP/EP ARFGPMA1033 9.4240.5012.2510.2585.50
Dynaflite Bird of Time Sailplane ARF GPMA1052 6.3749.5013.006.1387.76
Dynaflite Bird of Time Sailplane Kit GPMA0570BDTM4.8549.007.133.5070.26
Dynaflite Butterfly Trainer KitGPMA0090BT153.4036.635.503.1353.89
Dynaflite Super Decathlon - Giant Scale KitGPMA0510DECG15.6649.2512.507.2588.75
Easy Sport 40 MkII ARFGPMA1036 7.8145.7515.008.0091.75
ElectroStik ARFGPMA1574 7.6540.1314.258.8886.39
ElectroStik RxRGPMA7500 8.5044.0014.008.7589.50
Escapade EP/GP ARFGPMA1200 8.3540.5011.639.2582.26
Escapade MX GP/EP ARFGPMA1202 8.4641.5011.7510.0085.00
Extra 300S .60GPMA0236EXT610.4039.0010.636.5073.26
Extra 300SP .46-.81 3D EP/GP ARFGPMA1022 9.8043.0015.758.2591.00
Extra 300SP EP ARFGPMA1188 6.9939.3814.759.1387.14
Extra 330SC 3D Foam Indoor EP ARFGPMA1129 2.2037.7518.503.0080.75
F-1 Rocket Evo .46-.55 EP ARFGPMA1030 8.8836.0013.0010.7583.50
F4U Corsair 40GPMA0177CRS47.3945.508.634.7572.26
Factor 3D 30cc EP ARFGPMA1555 19.6461.5023.5010.25129.00
Factor 3D ARFGPMA1552 6.142.6315.506.7587.13
Fling Sailplane ARF GPMA1060 2.0630.008.503.5054.00
Gee Bee EP Tx-RGPMA6022 7.8640.6314.5012.6394.89
Giant Citabria 30cc/EP ARFGPMA1435 26.7956.2518.1315.75124.01
Giant Revolver ARF 50-55ccGPMA1425 27.5363.6321.6314.88136.65
Giant Scale Super Sportster ARFGPMA1044 22.658.7518.7512.50121.25
Goldberg 56 Eagle 2 Trainer .29-.46 Kit GPMA0955565.9550.0010.003.0076.00
Goldberg Anniversary Cub .40-.61 KitGPMA0963639.1749.758.505.1377.01
Goldberg Gentle Lady Glider KitGPMA0960602.8737.507.503.0058.50
Goldberg Tiger 2 .40-.46 KitGPMA0966666.9250.509.005.0078.50
Goldberg Tiger 60 Sport Low Wing .60-.65 KitGPMA0968688.5457.509.005.0085.50
Kunai 1.4M EP ARFGPMA1815 3.7537.509.636.0068.76
Matt Chapman Eagle 580 ARF .46-.81GPMA1281 11.9848.0017.008.7599.50
P-51 Mustang 40GPMA0175P5407.5245.508.504.7572.00
P-51 Mustang Sport Fighter .46 EP ARFGPMA1208 7.5136.1314.759.0083.63
PBY Catalina Seaplane EP ARFGPMA1154 7.1638.2511.389.7580.51
Pete-N-Poke Sport 40 KitGPMA0493PNP47.0937.757.504.5061.75
Piper J-3 Cub 40GPMA0160CUB48.9638.2510.005.5069.25
Piper J-3 Cub 60GPMA0162CUB614.3948.6310.884.7579.89
Piper J-3 ElectriCubGPMA0156CUB13.9237.136.133.3856.15
Proud Bird Sport/EF1 Racer ARFGPMA1260 6.0735.0014.507.0078.00
PT 20 MK II TrainerGPMA0116PT206.1437.006.383.5056.76
PT40 MK II TrainerGPMA0118PT407.7037.757.634.3861.77
PT60 TrainerGPMA0119PT608.3042.888.883.3867.40
QuikV6 Q500 ARFGPMA1250 6.953.7512.007.1392.01
Revolver .61-.91 ARFGPMA1019 14.3245.2517.0010.75100.75
Revolver GP/EP RTFGPMA1018 10.7841.3813.639.7588.14
RV-4 40GPMA0180RV448.1738.3810.255.6370.14
Sequence 1.20 EP/GP ARFGPMA1232 17.7668.8818.7511.38129.14
Spectra Electric SailplaneGPMA0540SPEC4.1440.636.002.7558.13
Spirit 2 Meter SailplaneGPMA0530SPRT3.5140.506.132.7558.26
Stinger II .46 ARFGPMA1010 7.868.2514.2536.25109.25
Super Sportster 40 MKII ARFGPMA1042 6.4140.1311.137.2576.89
Super Sportster EP Brushless ARFGPMA1161 4.2035.389.136.3866.40
T-Craft 25GPMA0155TYL25.8237.7511.367.3675.19
Twinstar EP Twin Motor ARFGPMA1609 5.637.5010.508.0074.50
U-Can-Do 3D 60 ARFGPMA1270 9.9266.1314.006.88107.89
U-Can-Do SF EP/GP .80 ARFGPMA1272 12.8461.2519.387.63115.27
Ultimate Biplane .40GPMA0240ULT48.9048.7511.004.7580.25
Ultra Sport .46/EP ARFGPMA1015 8.6642.7514.759.1390.51
Waco YMF-5D Biplane ARF .91-1.20GPMA1295 22.7615.0019.5051.63157.26
Zero Sport Fighter GP/EP ARFGPMA1209 9.238.0014.7510.6388.76

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