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Speed 400 Motor

The T-400 ferrite motor is designed for use with park flyers and other airplanes that require a 400-size motor. It features a solid can, single wind armature, fixed timing and bronze bushings.

  • Designed for 7.2-8.4V operation
  • Factory-installed capacitors AND 2-pin female connector

Stock Number
Can size
Can length
1.7 in (43.2 mm)
Can diameter
1.1 in (27.6 mm)
Shaft length
0.54" (13.8 mm)
Shaft Diameter
0.09" (2.3 mm)

T-400GD  Motor System

T-400GD Motor System

Efficiency and more flying time go together — and with the T-400 GD (Gear Drive) Motor System, so does economy. It's ideal for larger park flyers and small electrics — and for pilots who already have a wiring harness or ESC on-hand, it's also a very affordable way to "trade up" from direct-drive to gear drive. The T-400 motor offers bushings for economy and ferrite magnets for strong performance. The aluminum gearbox is open and assembled, for easy access to the smooth-running brass pinion/nylon gear combo. Its 3:1 gear ratio lets the motor run efficiently — and gives the pilot the option to replace the included 10x7 prop with bigger, "pitchier" props.

1 year

Designed for 7.2-8.4V operation.

Stock Number
Thrust (w/included prop)
9.4 oz. (7.2V), 10.5 oz. (8.4V)
T-400 ferrite motor, 3:1 gearbox, brass pinion, APC 10 x 7 Slo-Flyer prop and mounting hardware
battery (650mAh min. capacity recommended) and wiring harness or electronic speed control (ElectriFly C-20 Mini High Frequency ESC [GPMM2020] recommended).