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Pitts M-12s

The rising star in 50 cc 3D!

Some planes have it all – and the M-12s is one of them. Designed for 50 cc stardom, it's as notable for its distinctive style as for its spectacular MonoKote trim scheme. Send it up, and it performs with the precision for pinpoint patterns and the aerobatic might for exceptional 3D maneuvers! Expertly covered with Top Flite MonoKote Download a product flier
  • Unmatched for bold, biplane style and performance versatility.
  • New strut system automatically aligns wings for faster, easier attachment.
  • Includes painted fiberglass parts, an ultra-modern cockpit and carbon-fiber tail wires.


50 cc engine
painted cowl
control surfaces
The cowl is spacious enough to accommodate most popular 50 cc gasoline engines. Templates for installing the recommended engine are included.  

Light and easy to attach, the painted cowl is color-matched to the factory-applied MonoKote film. An ABS insert adds rotary engine detail and channels cooling air over the cylinder head. A CNC-machined aluminum spinner (GPMA4020) is available separately.

  All control surfaces are designed for extreme 3D maneuvers, from the rudder and elevator on the tail to the massive dual ailerons on the top and bottom wings.

Pitts M-12s in action
fiberglass struts
carbon fiber tail wires
Swift, precise response – and a stress-resistant airframe built from laser-cut, interlocking wood parts – let you take the M-12s down low with confidence... and into new and more aggressive stunts with ease.   In addition to easily accessible, painted aluminum cabanes, the M-12s also includes fiberglass struts that add sleek good looks and simplify wing assembly.   M-12s design offers a wealth of small performance touches, including the use of ultra-light, super-strong carbon-fiber tail wires instead of traditional piano wire versions.

The canopy doubles as an access hatch for onboard gear and a foundation for a detailed cockpit. Bright colors on the painted pilot bust and modern instrument panel add realistic looks without added work.   Bold bipe styling and a one-of-a-kind MonoKote® trim scheme make the M-12s a standout in appearance as well as performance. Different graphics on the top and bottom wings simplify orientation...even at a distance.    

Parts Layout
Pitts M-12s in Action
Pitts M-12s in Action
Pitts M-12s in Action
Pitts M-12s in Action

Stock Number: GPMA1421
Wingspan: 68.5 in (1740 mm)
Wing Area: 1545 in² (99.7 dm²)
Weight: 19-20 lb (8.62-9.07 kg)
Wing Loading: 28-30 oz/ft² (85-92 g/dm²)
Length: 80.5 in (2045 mm)
Requires: 7+ channel radio w/8 servos and 50 cc gasoline engine.

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Product Recommendations:
Please note: all recommendations were the best choices available at the time of product release. Please check for additional choices with your dealer.

  Futaba® FASST™ 7+ Channel Radio
  50 cc Gasoline Engine
FUTM0215 (7) Futaba S9155 Digital High-Torque Air Servos
FUTM0075 Futaba S9001 Aircraft Servo
FUTM1285 Futaba NR4F 4.8V 1500mAh NiCd Receiver Pack
FUTM1290 Futaba NR4M 4.8V 500mAh NiCd Receiver Pack (for ignition)
FUTM4135 (2) Futaba 6" (152 mm) Dual Servo Extensions
FUTM4385 (2) Futaba Heavy-Duty Switch Harnesses
TACM2711 (2) Tactic™ HD 12" (300 mm) Servo Extension - Futaba J
HCAM2721 (5) Hobbico 12" (305 mm) Servo Extensions
  (2) Charge Jacks

Recommended Options:
For the most comprehensive list of required items, please consult your instruction manual.

OSMG1560 O.S. Engine® GT60 Gasoline Engine w/EI
FUTL7644 Futaba R6014FS 14-Channel 2.4GHz FASST Receiver
GPMA4020 Machined Aluminum Spinner

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