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Seawind EP Rx-R
Seawind EP

The ultimate recreational aircraft – as an easy electric.

"Seven-tenths of the world's surface becomes your runway!" exclaims the full-scale Seawind's manufacturer. Your Seawind EP ARF may never see the ocean, but it's right at home in any nearby water R/C flying site. Add the recommended outrunner brushless motor and enjoy exciting sport performance – with truly exotic looks.

  • Fast, easy 2-3 hour assembly.
  • Excellent all-around sport flying characteristics.
  • Strong, lightweight foam construction.
  • Complete, high-quality hardware package.

Rx-R™ features preinstalled electronics!

Rx-R preinstalled
The motor, ESC and servos are preinstalled, so you’re just a few short hours away from executing water takeoffs and landings as well as aerial maneuvers. And the Seawind’s exotic looks make it a real standout!