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Almost Ready-to-Fly Hotliner

Out-of-sight performance!


Speed and power are the Siren ARF’s trademarks. You’ll race through assembly to launching, where in seconds it becomes a speck in the clouds — nearly out-of-sight, literally — before descending quickly to gain momentum for ovation-worthy aerobatics!

  • Install a brushless motor system for “hotliner” type performance.

  • Use an economical brushed motor system for swift, satisfying sportaction.

  • Carbon fiber fuselage adds strength and stiffness…and looks awesome!

  • Fly loops, rolls and inverted with 3-channel control.

parts layout
The low parts count makes assembly fast and easy. Ailerons and elevators are already hinged on the built-up, factory-covered, carbon reinforced wing. A complete hardware package is also supplied.
cloth weave
Admirers can see the cloth weave in the Siren’s beautifully crafted, carbon-fiber fuselage — a type usually found only in more expensive models. Motor mount and all internal wood structures arrive glued into place.

Stock Number: GPMA1065
Wing Airfoil: RG15
Wingspan: 79 in (2005 mm)
Wing Area: 430 in² (27.7 dm²)
Weight Range: 2.25-2.50 lb (1020-1130 g)
Wing Loading: 12-13 oz/ft² (37-40 g/dm²)
Length: 39 in (980 mm)
Requires: 3 channel radio w/3 micro or nano servos, motor, ESC, prop, spinner
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