Scale looks, extraordinary speeds!

Praised by pilots for its versatility, the F-16 Fighting Falcon has been the preferred fighter for over 25 countries since the late 1970s. ElectriFly recreates the F-16's innovative design in a ducted fan ARF that combines scale looks with impressive top-end speeds!
  • Includes a HyperFlow™ ducted fan unit and high-performance Ammo™ brushless motor.
  • The fiberglass fuselage is factory-painted, while the built-up wings and stabilizer are factory-covered in MonoKote film.
  • Aileron, elevator and rudder controls result in outstanding authority for precision landings and high-speed maneuvers.
  • Includes bungee launcher, profile pilot and display stand.

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WARNING: The F-16 Fighting Falcon requires advanced flying skills and is not suitable for beginning or intermediate pilots. It reaches speeds over 90 mph (145 km/h), and should only be flown at the flying sites of AMA-chartered clubs. Because it can quickly disappear from sight, pilots should remain focused on the plane at all times.

HyperFlow ducted fan with Ammo brushless motor
The HyperFlow ducted fan unit with Ammo 24-45-3790 inrunner brushless motor produces impressive thrust and speed — and provides "jet" excitement in a convenient size.
battery installation
The magnetically attached canopy doubles as a battery hatch, simplifying the installation of LiPos and radio gear.
Ailerons, elevators and rudder control make the F-16 highly maneuverable, for slow fly-bys and full-throttle excitement.
included bungee launcher
The F-16 can be hand-launched, or you can take advantage of the included bungee launcher for even easier launching. Also ideal for assembly, the display stand lets you show off your F-16 when it isn't airborne.
F-16 4-view
Pilots will welcome the F-16 Fighting Falcon's assembly ease and scale looks.


Stock Number
22.5 in (570 mm)
Wing Area
166 in² (10.7 dm²)
32-34 oz (910-960 g)
Wing Loading
27.8-29.5 oz/ft² (85-90 g/dm²)
34.5 in (875 mm)
Radio system with a minimum of 4 channels, 4 micro servos, 35A brushless ESC & 14.8V (4S) 2100-2500mAh LiPo battery

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