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Sport performance. Trainer confidence.

Available in RTF and ARF versions, the Avistar Elite is the perfect choice for progressing from basic training to aerobatics using one plane and a flight instructor’s assistance. Its high wing mounting and tricycle landing gear boost your confidence by adding stability and easy ground handling. The semi-symmetrical airfoil offers greater maneuverability as soon as you’re ready.

  • In the air fast — thanks to factory-finished, built-up wood sections; pre-hinged control surfaces; and glue-free assembly

  • Large and stable design is better able to handle windy conditions than park fliers.

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Avistar Elite RTF Wing Assembly
Wing halves feature prehinged control surfaces, installed aileron servos, and bays for optional flaps. Simply slide them onto the joiner tube. No glue is used, so they remove easily for transport.
Avistar Elite RTF Landing Gear
In seconds, the removable main landing gear snaps into a factory-installed mount. The steerable nose wheel is already installed.
Avistar Elite RTF EasyAlign tail
The patented EasyAlign system guides tail sections into place automatically. No tools are needed. Simply tighten the thumb screws to assemble a straight, strong tail!
U.S. Patents #6,938,856 and #6,986,695
Avistar Elite RTF airfoil
The Avistar Elite wing is semi-symmetrical, or slightly rounded on the bottom. It combines trainer-like stability with the ability to execute smooth rolls and other aerobatics that flat-bottom trainers cannot perform.
Avistar Elite RTF aerobatic flight
Just as your high-wing trainer helped you learn basic flight skills, the Avistar Elite gives you extra confidence when beginning to fly aerobatics.
Avistar Elite RTF Clevises and control horns
Clevises and control horns are already attached to the model’s factory-hinged control surfaces — one of many details that save time in the workshop and get you flying faster.
Avistar Elite RTF stable flight
Because it’s larger than park fliers, the Avistar Elite is also more stable and better able to handle windy conditions.
Avistar Elite RTF trim scheme
Built-up wood sections have been expertly finished in a colorful, contemporary trim scheme. Great Planes and Avistar Elite logo decals are also included.


Start flying in minutes — the Avistar Elite .46 RTF has it all!

Avistar Elite RTF parts
The Avistar Elite RTF includes an installed fuel tank and O.S. 46AX II engine. Even “AA” transmitter batteries are supplied for the Tactic 6-channel, 2.4GHz radio with SLT!

Tactic TTX600
Included Tactic TTX600 6-channel 2.4GHz radio features:
  • Dual rates on elevator, ailerons and rudder.
  • Digital trims and servo reversing.
  • Wireless trainer system.
  • Adjustable stick lengths.
  • Power LED and low-voltage alarm.
O.S. 46AX II
Powered by an O.S. 46AX II engine!
  • Lightweight and low maintenance.
  • Power Box muffler significantly reduces exhaust noise without compromising power.
  • Glow plug also included.
Avistar Elite RTF needle valve
The engine’s rear-angled needle valve allows safe, easy adjustments.
Avistar Elite RTF Engine, Spinner and Prop
The Avistar Elite RTF’s engine is already installed on the IsoSmooth engine mount. Simply attach the supplied propeller and spinner.


Stock Number
62.5 in (1590 mm)
Wing Area
672 in² (43.3 dm²)
6.5 lb (2.95 kg)
Wing Loading
22 oz/ft² (67 g/dm²)
55 in (1395 mm)

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Fly the ARF using glow or electric power!

Avistar Elite ARF parts
The Avistar Elite ARF assembles just as easily as the RTF, but allows you to choose the power system along with your radio gear.

Avistar Elite ARF battery hatch
Your fuel tank or flight battery fits easily into this large on-board compartment with magnetic hatch for easy access.
Avistar Elite ARF glow vs. electric
A vibration-reducing IsoSmooth Engine Mount is supplied for glow engine installation. If you prefer electric power, the model also comes with an electric motor mount.


Stock Number
62.5 in (1590 mm)
Wing Area
672 in² (43.3 dm²)
6.5-7 lb (2950 -3170 g)
Wing Loading
22-24 oz/ft² (67 -73 g/dm²)
55 in (1395 mm)
Radio system with 4-5 channels and 4-7 servos; 2-stroke .46-.55 (7.5-9 cc) engine OR RimFire™ .46 (42-60-800kV) brushless motor, 45A brushless ESC, 14.8V 3350mAh LiPo battery & charger

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For the fastest R/C flight training…

AMA Academy of Model Aeronautics

Seek the help of an experienced R/C pilot or flying instructor. You’ll learn quickly, with greater confidence and safety. To find an instructor, ask your local hobby dealer — or contact the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), a national modeling organization with over 2,300 chartered flying clubs across the country.

Academy of Model Aeronautics
5161 East Memorial Drive
Muncie, IN 47302
(800) 432-9262

Recommended Products - ARF

Radio Requirements:

Futaba® 6J 2.4GHz S-FHSS 6-Channel Radio

Glow Requirements:

O.S.® 46AX II ABL with Muffler

Electric Requirements:

ElectriFly® RimFire™ .46 (42-60-800kV) Outrunner Brushless Motor
ElectriFly Silver Series 45A Brushless ESC
Onyx LiPo 4S 14.8V 3300mAh 30C Star Plug

Recommended Options - ARF

Hobbico® TorqMaster 90 Deluxe 12V Starter
Hobbico TorqMaster LC 12V 7 Amp Battery
Hobbico Hot-Shot 2 Glow Starter
Hobbico Hand-Crank Fuel Pump
Hobbico Recoil Fuel Tubing 5 ft (1.5 m)
Great Planes Filling Station Can Fitting Set

For a complete list of required items, see the instruction manual. Ask your hobby dealer for additional recommendations.