Tech Notice U-Can-Do SF
Every 3D Flight Done Exactly Right

Moment of truth. Deep breath and throw the control sticks over. A perfect arc at the apex of a textbook knife edge loop. The controls are responsive, the airframe is solid, you pull off torque rolls and harriers flawlessly. With the U-Can-Do SF you can do anything.

The U-Can-Do SF’s Side Force Generators and dual-tapered wings provide a degree of stability and control authority in 3D maneuvers you won’t find in any plane without wingtip extensions.

It’s ARF, glow or electric-ready and it’s exactly what you need to perfect every 3D maneuver you never thought you’d nail.

  • Side Force Generators (SFGs) provide maximum control authority
  • Tame wild 3D maneuvers you never thought you'd nail
  • Can be equipped for glow or electric power

SFG wingtips
A big part of what makes the U-Can-Do SF such a great 3D flyer is the removable SFGs. These wing-tip extensions increase airflow over the ailerons, stabilizing the aircraft in level flight, high-alpha and 3D maneuvers.
wheel pants/landing gear
The cowl and wheel pants are molded fiberglass and the landing gear is tough aluminum.
glow or electric power
The recommended glow or electric power systems are easy to install and both deliver outstanding performance.
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Stock Number
59 in (1500 mm)
58 in (1475 mm)
Wing Area
912 in² (58.8 dm²)
6.5-7.25 lb (2.95-3.29 kg)
Wing Loading
18.3 oz/ft² (56 g/dm²)
Radio with a minimum of 4-channels and 5 high-torque servos, 2-stroke .55-.65 or 4-stroke .80-.82 glow engine, or 50-55-500 brushless outrunner motor, 60A ESC (min.) & (2) 11.1V 3350mAh LiPo batteries.

Recommended Products

6-Ch 2.4GHz S-FHSS Computer Radio System

— or —
Tactic TTX650 6-Channel 2.4GHz SLT Transmitter

— and —
Tactic TR625 6-Channel Twin Antenna 2.4GHz SLT Receiver
(5) Futaba S3010 Standard High-Torque BB Servo
O.S. 65AX ABL w/Muffler

— or —
Great Planes Rimfire .80 50-55-500 Outrunner Brushless
Great Planes Silver Series 60A Brushless ESC High Volt
FlightPower FP30 22.2V 3350mAh LiPo Battery w/Star Plug
Great Planes ElectriFly Triton2 EQ AC/DC Charger

For a complete list of required items, see the instruction manual. Ask your hobby dealer for additional recommendations.