Tech Notice Giant Big Stik
Supersized Stik

Big Stik advantages get even bigger and better in the Giant Big Stik ARF! It goes together quickly and offers great sport aerobatic potential. Plus, the giant-scale size makes your maneuvers easy to see and enjoy — and the addition of flaps provides the perfect opportunity to use your computer radio's mixing capabilities.

  • Ideal for learning sport aerobatics or trying giant-scale flight.

  • Precovered balsa/ply construction — assembles in only 10-15 hours.

  • Delivers strong sport performance using glow or gasoline engine power.

parts layout
An easy, straightforward assembly project, the Giant Big Stik ARF goes together in just hours. Its strong balsa/ply airframe arrives precovered in genuine Top Flite® MonoKote® film with the traditional Maltese cross trim scheme. Great Planes-brand quality hardware is also supplied.
landing gear
Instructions are included with the Giant Big Stik for installing taildragger landing gear — the configuration that must be used with most gasoline engines — or tricycle style, which provides easier ground control with a steerable nose wheel.
fuselage compartment
The Giant Big Stik's spacious fuselage compartment offers plenty of room for comfortable, secure installation of your fuel tank, receiver, receiver battery, throttle servo, and nose gear servo if you've chosen a tricycle landing gear configuration.


Stock Number
80.5 in (2045 mm)
Wing Area
1518 in² (97.9 dm²)
13-15 lb (5.9-6.8 kg)
Wing Loading
20-23 oz/ft² (61-70 g/dm²)
54.5 in (1385 mm)
2-stroke 1.20-1.60 cu in or 4-stroke 1.20-1.80 cu in glow engine, or 25-35 cc gas engine, & 4-5 channel radio with 7-8 servos

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Recommended Options

O.S. FS-120 III Surpass Ringed 1.20 4-Stroke w/Pump

For a complete list of required items, see the instruction manual. Ask your hobby dealer for additional recommendations.