Escapade .61
Escapade .61
A plane for all occasions

With its bolt-together assembly, the Escapade .61 ARF is a breeze to build — and so enjoyable and affordable, you'll want to fly it every chance you get. You have a variety of options for powering it, and the larger dimensions add stability and visibility to your sport maneuvers.

  • Flies equally well with a glow engine or brushless electric motor
  • Tail surfaces bolt on and align automatically, and control horns are pre-installed and pre-aligned
  • Control surfaces are pre-hinged
  • A two-piece wing simplifies assembly as well as transportation
  • Other convenience/detail touches include a fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, plus a painted and installed pilot figure

glow or electric power
This Escapade performs well with glow or electric power, and included mounts make installation of either option simple.
two-piece wing
The two-piece wing is another convenience features. The wing panels assemble onto a joiner tube, simplifying building as well as transportation.
Bolt-on tail surfaces
A huge time-saver, the tail surfaces bolt on and align automatically; even the control horns are pre-installed and pre-aligned.
pre-hinged control surfaces
The control surfaces are pre-hinged, which speeds final assembly by eliminating gluing.
fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
The fiberglass cowl and wheel pants complement the Escapade .61's built-up wood construction, and are painted to match the trim scheme.
battery compartment
Access to electric flight batteries — or the pre-assembled, three-line fuel tank — is fast and easy.
painted and installed pilot figure
Not only is the pilot figure included, it comes already painted and installed.
Escapade in action!
With a .61 two-stroke you have a great second plane for low-wing maneuvers. A .91 offers the power for higher speeds and vertical performance. Electric modelers will enjoy the Escapade set up with a clean and quiet outrunner brushless motor.


Stock Number
68 in (1725 mm)
Wing Area
813 in² (52.4 dm²)
8.25-9.0 lb (3.74-4.08 kg)
Wing Loading
23-26 oz/ft² (70-79 g/dm²)
58.5 in (1485 mm)
4-channel radio w/4-5 servos, 2-stroke .61-.95 or 4-stroke .91-1.20 glow engine or 50-55-500kV outrunner brushless motor, 60A brushless ESC, 22.2V 5000mAh LiPo battery pack

Recommended Products

Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz FASST Radio
Futaba R617FS 7-Channel 2.4GHz FASST Receiver
Futaba S3004 Standard Servo
Futaba Dual Servo Extension
Hobbico 12" (305 mm) Servo Extension-Futaba J (2)
O.S. 65AX Ringed 2-Stroke Engine
O.S. 61FX ABL Engine w/Muffler
O.S. 95AX Ringed Engine w/Muffler
O.S. FS-91S II Ringed 4-Stroke Engine
O.S. FS-1.20 Surpass 4-Stroke Engine
ElectriFly RimFire .80 50-55-500kV Outrunner Brushless Motor
ElectriFly Silver Series 60A Brushless ESC
FlightPower 22.2V 5000mAh 6S LiPo Battery

For a complete list of required items, see the instruction manual. Ask your hobby dealer for additional recommendations.