Tech Notice Giant Super Sportster Super Sportster ARF
Livin' large, the easy way!

The Giant Super Sportster is the perfect marriage: spectacular, IMAA-legal dimensions matched to superbly smooth and easy Super Sportster handling. It's a brand-new way to enjoy a classic and an easy introduction to the fun of giant-scale flying.

  • Hand-crafted from sturdy ply and select balsa, yet ready for takeoff in just 20-24 hours.
  • Features the trademark Super Sportster "starburst" trim scheme, done in the rich, glowing colors of Top Flite MonoKote film.
  • Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants are factory-formed, hand-painted and ready to be installed — and admired — almost immediately.
  • Perfect for hours of stress-free flight. Stable and predictable on takeoff and approach, and "flier-friendly" through rolls, stall turns, inverted flight and other sport aerobatics.
  • Servos for all control surfaces are mounted externally, for simple installation, easy adjustment and swift, precise response.

Glow and gas power options! Go with the 2-stroke O.S.® 1.60 FX to maximize the power-to-weight ratio, or with the efficient Fuji-Imvac™ BT-32B for maximum fuel economy.
A two-piece wing simplifies attachment, removal and travel. Wing panels slide onto an aluminum joiner tube and bolts quickly and securely to the fuselage.
Ready for final assembly! Building and finishing are already complete, and a complete Great Planes hardware package is included. A fuel tank, 4-40 linkages, an engine mount and steerable tailwheel assembly are just a few of the items supplied.


Stock Number
82 in (2085 mm)
Wing Area
1293 in² (83.4 dm²)
13-14.5 lb (5.85-6.58 kg)
Wing Loading
23-25 oz/ft² (70-79 g/dm²)
72 in (1820 mm)
2- or 4-stroke 1.20-2.00 glow or 2.00 gasoline engine, 4-5 channel radio w/5-7 servos, fuel and support equipment