Tech Notice Cherokee .40-.56/EP Sport Scale ARF Cherokee 40
You've mastered your basic trainer. Now step up to sport scale!

The Cherokee ARF is a great step up from your basic trainer — and one of the few realistic sport-scale alternatives for low-wing flight training. Its fast 4-6 hour assembly and steady performance provide the right foundation for success, complemented by quality wood and fiberglass construction plus the freedom to use glow or electric power.

  • Ideal for everyday sport flying and aerobatics – perform loops, rolls, inverted flight, stall turns and more!
  • Bolt-on wing and tail simplify assembly and transport.
  • Operate the included flaps with a 5-channel radio for even greater realism and flight control.
  • Tricycle landing gear provides positive handling on grass or pavement.

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The Cherokee ARF goes together in just a few hours. Its factory-built main structures are covered in MonoKote film, and the fiberglass cowl and wheel pants are painted to match. Pre-hinged control surfaces save you even more time!
Cockpit Area
The cockpit area – with installed pilot figure – doubles as a hatch that removes for easy access to batteries for an outrunner brushless motor system. The fuselage offers generous space for radio gear, allowing you to use standard-sized servos and receivers.
Flap Operation
Separate standard servos control the pre-hinged ailerons and flaps. Flap operation requires a 5-channel radio system; you can use your 4-channel radio to fly without working flaps. Hardware for both set-ups is provided.
Tail Assembly
No glue is used for tail assembly. The horizontal and vertical stabilizers install quickly with screws, which align them automatically – and allow you to remove the surfaces easily for transport if desired.
adjustable rails
The Cherokee excels with 2- or 4-stroke glow or brushless electric power. Its detailed, photo-illustrated assembly manual takes you step-by-step through installation of either power choice.
Fiberglass Wheels
The fiberglass wheel pants and cowl arrive painted to match the trim scheme. Each wheel pant attaches to the landing gear with two screws and a nylon strap.
The fuselage offers generous space for radio gear installation, allowing you to use standard sized servos and receivers.
Tricycle Landing Gear
You'll enjoy positive handling on grass or pavement from the Cherokee's tricycle landing gear — a configuration familiar to anyone who's mastered a typical 4-channel R/C trainer.
Fiberglass Wheels
The Cherokee ARF makes a fine choice for everyday sport flying and aerobatics. With a 5-channel radio, you can operate the included flaps – for even greater realism and flight control.


Stock Number
60 in (1520 mm)
Wing Area
606 in² (39 dm²)
6.75-7.25 lb (3.1-3.3 kg)
Wing Loading
26-28 oz/ft² (79-85 g/dm²)
46 in (1170 mm)
4+ channel radio system (5-channel required for operational flaps) w/4-7 standard servos
Electric Power Requirements
ElectriFly™ RimFire™ 42-50-800 Outrunner Brushless Motor (GPMG4700); ElectriFly Silver Series SS-60 Brushless Electronic Speed Control (GPMM1850); 18.5V 3200mAh LiPo battery (GPMP0622 or GPMP0623); propeller (10x5E or 11x5E)
Glow Power Requirements
2-stroke .40-.46 cu or 4-stroke .52-.56 cu in engine