PT-60 PT-60 Photo
A big, beautiful trainer that's built to last

The PT-60 brings the Perfect Trainer's famous International Model of the Year award-winning stability, self-righting flight characteristics and easy kit assembly to a bigger, more impressive size. This great-looking kit also features "Interlocking I-Beam" wing construction for easier assembly and increased strength, a high degree of washout built into each wing for added stability, and advanced CAD engineering.

  • The PT-60's large size offers greater visibility in the air, and will really turn heads at the flying field
  • With the PT-60's unique "Interlocking I-Beam" wing construction, the ribs plug securely into the center web, followed by grooved top and bottom spars—holding alignment for easy assembly and increasing wing strength
  • "D-Tube" wing structure and sheeted tips easily and permanently maintains the built-in washout during and after assembly
  • Blind nuts and nylon bolts are included (as well as instructions), for those builders who would rather bolt-on the PT-60's wing instead of attaching it with rubber bands
  • Adjustable servo tray positioning lets modelers balance the plane's weight more easily, ans allows a wider range of engines to be used

wood ribs
landing gear

Also available: PT-20 and PT-40 MkII kits


Stock Number
71 in (1800 mm)
Wing Area
888 in² (58 dm²)
7-8 lb (3.18-3.63 kg)
Wing Loading
18-21 oz/ft² (55-64 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length
53.25 in (1350 mm)
2-stroke .45-.60 cu in or 4-stroke .48-.70 cu in engine & 3-4 channel radio with 3-4 servos & 3+ rolls of MonoKote