Dead Center
Engine Mount Hole Locator

Dead Center in-use photo

The "fail-safe " way to mark drilling holes for engine mounts

Marking the drilling hole pattern in an engine mount is an important task that, until now, was handled in a less-than-precise manner. When improperly drilled, the holes can over-stress the mount, cause the mounting bolts to bind as they are attaching the engine to the mount, or even worse, allow for destructive vibration. But with the Great Planes Dead Center Engine Mount Hole Locator, modelers can quickly, easily and accurately indicate the exact spots where the hole should be. And it's so affordable, it'll be a welcome addition to every flier's tool assortment!

  • Easier to use than a pen or pencil, and more accurate than a paper template

  • The streamlined design features a main shaft of 8-10" with a knurled handle and approximately 1" of drill bit protruding from the cone

  • Simple to use - after positioning the engine on the mount, modelers just insert the self-centering cone into the mounting hole on the engine

    Dead Center lineart
  • By twisting the drill bit several times, the Locator will create a small "starter hole" that will ensure the drill bit stays centered during drilling

  • Can be stored neatly and compactly in its included plastic tube, and is made of durable all-metal construction

  • Perfect for use in any application where a hole is required directly in the center of another hole

Stock Number: GPMR8130