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Makes rounded and beveled edges a breeze!

Announcing a breakthrough for airplane modelers looking to speed up the building process: the Easy-Touch Contour Multi-Sander from Great Planes. With its variety of angled and rounded surfaces, the Multi-Sander can perform a variety of different sanding chores this is one product that really lives up to its name! And it has all of the exceptional features that have made the Easy-Touch lineup of sanders the choice of more and more hobbyists!

  • Two different rounded radii make it easy to contour the leading edges of wings and tails for better aerodynamics.

  • The angled surface is perfect for beveling ailerons, elevators and rudders.

  • Features the same ergonomic handle design of all Easy-Touch sanders, so modelers can work longer with less hand fatigue than conventional T-bar sanders.

  • Designed to work best with Great Planes adhesive-backed sandpaper simply trim to fit the desired surface.

  • Made of lightweight, durable extruded aluminum.

Stock Number: GPMR6190

Also available: The Easy-Touch Bar Sander in 11-, 22-, and 33-inch sizes and the Easy-Touch Hand Sander for all your sanding needs