Easy-Touch TM Bar Sander

Easy-Touch TM Bar Sanders Photo

The better way to sand, that's also easier on the hands.

  • The specially designed handle is more comfortable than T-bar sanders, for more control and less hand stress.

  • Three different lengths (11-, 22- and 33-inch) to handle any type of sanding job.

  • The Easy-Touch Bar Sander has proven to be a huge improvement over conventional T-bar sanders. The contour shape means less fatigue, and more comfort while sanding.

In meeting a basic modeling need, Great Planes has engineered the perfect sanding tool for R/C plane builders. The Easy-Touch Bar Sander is made to handle all sanding chores with comfort and precision, and at an affordable price. Plus, Easy-Touch Bar Sanders disperse pressure more evenly over a wider area than sanding blocks or sandpaper alone. This combined with the perfectly smooth surface enhances the plane's aerodynamics and makes for a more attractive finished model.

  • Easy to control - made of specially designed lightweight aluminum, with "deburred" edges to prevent digging in to the surface.

  • Easy on the hands - the wider, contoured handle fits the hand and fingers much better than conventional T-bar sanders, meaning much less hand fatigue.

  • Easy-Touch Bar Sanders come in different lengths, to tackle any sanding job - from small detailing to large wing surfaces - quickly and effortlessly.

  • Built-in accuracy - the sanding surface remains flat to within ±.008".

  • Durability and consistency - the extruded aluminum used in these sanders is .055" thick, making it resistant to bending or twisting while providing a reliable, flat sanding surface.

Use Great Planes adhesive-backed sandpaper for the ultimate in ease and performance!

Stock Numbers:
GPMR6170- 11 inch Bar Sander
GPMR6172- 22 inch Bar Sander
GPMR6174- 33 inch Bar Sander

Also available: The Easy-Touch Hand Sander for your small sanding jobs and the Easy-Touch Contour Multi-Sander for special sanding needs