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Slot Machine

Slot Machine Motorized Hinge Slotting Tool photo
U.S. Patent #6,094,826

Kit building's biggest chore takes nearly no time at all!

A single airplane kit may have as many as 30-40 hinge slots. Cutting each hinge slot using a manual tool (such as a hobby knife) takes 2-3 minutes each. Do the math—you spend hours doing nothing but cutting slots!

No wonder so many modelers loathe the job. But now there's a better way: With Great Planes' patented electric-powered Slot Machine, you can cut ALL of your kit's hinge slots in about 30 minutes!

  • Quickly cuts clean, perfect hinge slots-without gouging or being hindered by hard spots in the wood; also works well for cutting sheet stock such as aileron servo openings

  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use

  • Rugged, injection-molded body is comfortable to hold and lasts a lifetime

  • Low-profile power switch ensures that the Slot Machine will be turned "on" only when you're ready to use it

  • Comes with two preinstalled, replaceable blades sized to fit all CA hinges; blades for nylon hinges are available separately

  • Replacing Blades

Old-fashioned method Photo Knife blades gouge and compress the wood while they cut. If you do not insert the hinge immediately, the compressed wood often expands back to it's original shape, requiring you to cut the slot again before installing your hinge. Even then it may bond improperly, or bind in flight—possibly causing a crash.

The back-and-forth motion of the Slot Machine's saw blades removes wood while cutting, rather than gouging and compressing it like knife blades do. The result is a perfect pocket for your hinge.

The Slot Machine makes hinge slotting as easy as: mark, cut and use!

measure and mark photo Slot Machine cutting photo finish CA hinge photo
Just mark your hinge slot locations as usual ... (like with the Precision Center Marking Tool shown here) ...let the Slot Machine's motorized blades do all the work of cutting,.. ...and in seconds, you've made a pocket that's perfect for CA hinges.

Slot Machine Cutting Guide

Optional Cutting Guide keeps the Slot Machine centered with ease!

  • Aligns and holds the Slot Machine to the mark while cutting hinge pockets

  • Works with any control surface up to 1" thick

  • Adjusting screws allow the guide to be used on substantially angled surfaces

Stock Numbers:
GPMR4010Slot Machine
GPMR4013Cutting Guide
GPMR4015Slot Machine Blades for CA Hinges
GPMR4016Slot Machine Blades for Nylon Hinges
GPMR4017Slot Machine Heavy-Duty Blades