Precision Center Marking Tool

Precision Center Marking Tool photoThe easy way to get perfect hinge locations every time

The unique design of the Precision Center Marking Tool allows modelers to find the exact center of a control surface, for the most accurate and consistent placement of hinges, ailerons and elevators. Pilots will appreciate the advantages of perfectly centered hinges, resulting in uniform control surface performance without binding.

  • Handy tool scores a line directly down the center of a control surface

  • The steel pin won't wear out over time like plastic ones, and the pivoting feet conform to the surface, virtually eliminating the gouging effect of a solid pin

  • Tool is reversible, allowing it to be used on most any size plane's control surfaces

Just 4 easy steps:

1. Simply place the Precision Center Marking Tool over the surface's edge

2. Turn until the pivoting feet are flush against both sides

3. Lower until the steel pin is touching the edge

4. Move the unit along the length of the surface

Stock Number: GPMR4005