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An absolute MUST for safe, satisfying flights.

Why take chances?...

An improperly balanced model-at best-won't be able to fulfill its true performance potential. At worst, it could crash and be destroyed. Why take the risk? Great Planes' inexpensive, easy-to-use CG Machine is the only tool that finds the exact balance without guesswork...and it can be used with virtually ANY fixed-wing aircraft.

  • Simplifies the essential final steps of any plane's assembly: locating its recommended center of gravity and correcting the balance.

  • CG Machine's accuracy improves a trainer's stability and predictability...sharpens a sport model's aerobatics...and boosts a racing model's speed.

  • Works with all types of fixed-wing aircraft up to 40 pounds-kits, ARFs, high-wings, low-wings, with or without struts, regardless of size or wingspan.

  • Wide, injection-molded base improves stability and can be slid apart or together to accommodate all fuselage widths.

  • "Hands-off" operation eliminates fingertip balancing's huge potential for error. No additional tools or supplies needed!

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PDFProduct Manual - CG Machine Parts Listing

Stock Number: GPMR2400