Pilot Figures

Pilot Figure
GPMQ9007 Pilot Figure 1/3 Sport Yellow
Pilot Figure
GPMQ9058 Pilot Figure 1/4 Civilian Red
Pilot Figure
GPMQ9115 Pilot Figure 1/5 WWI German Brown

Add life to any aircraft!

  • Realistic-looking pilot figures have details such as belt buckles, buttons, sunglasses and goggles molded in.

  • The three styles – sport, civilian and WWI German – all come in 1/3, 1/4 or 1/5 scale, to fit inside almost any scale-sized airplane cockpit.

  • The flat-bottom base allows for easy installation with glue or screws.

  • Sport and civilian pilots are prepainted in red, blue or yellow; WWI German figure comes in a leather-looking brown.
Stock Numbers:
GPMQ9005Pilot Figure 1/3 Sport Red
GPMQ9007Pilot Figure 1/3 Sport Yellow
GPMQ9010Pilot Figure 1/4 Sport Red
GPMQ9011Pilot Figure 1/4 Sport Blue
GPMQ9012Pilot Figure 1/4 Sport Yellow
GPMQ9015Pilot Figure 1/5 Sport Red
GPMQ9016Pilot Figure 1/5 Sport Blue
GPMQ9017Pilot Figure 1/5 Sport Yellow
GPMQ9054Pilot Figure 1/3 Civilian Red
GPMQ9058Pilot Figure 1/4 Civilian Red
GPMQ9060Pilot Figure 1/4 Civilian Yellow
GPMQ9062Pilot Figure 1/5 Civilian Red
GPMQ9063Pilot Figure 1/5 Civilian Blue
GPMQ9064Pilot Figure 1/5 Civilian Yellow
GPMQ9105Pilot Figure 1/3 WWI German Brown
GPMQ9106Pilot Figure 1/3 WWI German Unpainted
GPMQ9110Pilot Figure 1/4 WWI German Brown
GPMQ9115Pilot Figure 1/5 WWI German Brown