Model Parts & Accessories

Fueling Accessories

These accessories help make the fueling and re-fueling process much easier and quicker.

Easy Fueler™ Fuel Filler Valve
Easy Fueler lineart

Refueling is faster, easier and safer-because this handy valve eliminates the need for disconnecting fuel line. It's great for all models, but essential if your engine is enclosed in a cowl.

Easy to install - quickly mounts in fuselage side or cowling

Automatically shuts off fuel to carburetor for easy refueling

GPMQ4160Fuel Filler Valve For Glow Fuel 1 set
GPMQ4161Fuel Filler Valve For Gasoline 1 set
GPMQ4162Fueling Probe Replacement For Easy Fueler 1 pc.
Filling Station™ Fuel Can Fittings Set
Filling Station lineart

Works with fuel can or jug (not included)

For use with glow fuels only

Get twice the purifying power with the Filling Station's DUAL FILTRATION. Precision Fuel Filters are strategically positioned in both the clunk and the filler probe, effectively blocking harmful dirt particles from reaching your engine.

GPMP4155Filling Station Can Fitting Set 1 set
GPMP4156Filling Station Can Pick-up 1 set
GPMP4157Filling Station Fuel Probe 1 pc.
Precision Fuel Filter
Fuel filter lineart

Engineered for a precise fit, these filters trap dirt particles which might otherwise cause engine damage. The filter screen can easily be removed for cleaning.

GPMQ4150w/Removable Filter 1 pc.
Silicone Fuel Tubing
Fuel tubing lineart

For glow fuel -

GPMQ41313/32" (Std) Silicone 3' (91.4 cm)
GPMQ41413/32" (Std) Silicone 50' (15.2 m)
GPMQ4130Small Silicone Fuel Tubing 3' (61.0 cm
GPMQ4140Small Silicone Fuel Tubing 50' (15.2 m)
GPMQ4133Large Silicone Fuel Tubing 3' (91.4 cm)
GPMQ4142Large Silicone Fuel Tubing 50' (15.2 m)

Durable fuel tubing for gas engines -

Inside diameter measures 1/8"

GPMQ4135Gasoline Fuel Tubing-3'
Pressure Fitting
Pressure fitting lineart
GPMQ41686-32 Bolt-On 1 pc.
Fuel Line Plugs
Fuel line plug lineart

Seals without damaging tubing

GPMQ4166Aluminum Fuel Line Plugs 2 pcs.
Carb Cover Assortment Carb cover lineart

Four sizes to fit most all carbs and pipes.

Prevents harmful contamination when cleaning and storing models and engines

GPMQ4190Carb Cover Assortment 8 pcs.