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Unique shapes and improved materials give Great Planes hinges more secure gripping power.

Ultra Grip™ CA Hinges CA hinge lineart

Improved laminate material increases CA wicking for stronger bonds

Available in pre-cut hinges or bulk sheets to cut your own size.

Enjoy the convenience of CA hinges without sacrificing bond strength! After extensive testing, Great Planes developed a special laminate material that CA penetrates easily-giving you the strongest, most secure hinge.

Typical CA Hinge

regular CA hinge lineart
Poor "wicking" action,
CA doesn't spread evenly

Great Planes CA Hinge

Great Planes CA Hinge lineart
Excellent wicking action
covers entire hinge or surface.

GPMQ39503/4" x 1" (19 mm x 25 mm) Pre-cut Ultra-Grip 24 pcs.
GPMQ39602" x 9" (50 mm 230 mm) x Bulk Ultra-Grip 2 sheets
Pivot Point™ Hinges
Pivot Point hinge lineart

Four locking "fingers" increase strength and durability

Other manufacturers use two or three locking "fingers" at the hinge, but Great Planes uses four-increasing its strength and reliability.

GPMQ4000Small Pivot Point 6 pcs.
GPMQ4001Small Pivot Point 15 pcs.
GPMQ4002Medium Pivot Point 6 pcs.
GPMQ4003Medium Pivot Point 15 pcs.
Pinned Hinges
Pinned hinges lineart

Special, roughened plastic material designed to be installed with CA or epoxy

Uniquely shaped for easier, stronger installation

Because these uniquely shaped and textured plastic hinges install with quick-setting CA or epoxy, you won't need to wait for epoxy to cure before moving to the next step of assembly.

GPMQ3970Nylon Hinges 6 pcs.
GPMQ3971Nylon Hinges 15 pcs.
GPMQ3972Nylon Hinges Bulk 36 pcs.