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Control Linkages

From clevises to pushrods, Great Planes control linkages feature innovations that really improve any plane's performance.

4-40 Locking Clevis

4-40 Locking Clevis

The all-steel, low-profile 4-40 Locking Clevis features an innovative locking mechanism that securely locks the clevis in the closed position with no silicone retainer required.

Locking mechanism is permanently attached—no parts to lose!

GPMQ3816 4-40 Locking Clevis (2)
GPMQ3817 4-40 Locking Clevis (12)

 Threaded Steel Clevises
Threaded Steel Clevises

Special barb holds retainer to prevent slipping

"Stepped" clevis pin prevents binding and friction on control arm

Clevis with Pushrods

GPMQ3780 2-56 with 4" (100 mm) Pushrod 1 pc.
GPMQ3782 2-56 with 12" (305 mm) Pushrods 2 pcs.
GPMQ3783 2-56 with 12" (305 mm) Pushrods Bulk 12 pcs.
GPMQ3784 4-40 with 12" (305 mm) Pushrods 2 pcs.
GPMQ3785 4-40 with 12" (305 mm) Pushrods Bulk 12 pcs.

Clevises Only

GPMQ3790 2-56 Threaded 2 pcs.
GPMQ3791 2-56 Threaded Bulk 12 pcs.
GPMQ3794 4-40 Threaded 2 pcs.
GPMQ3795 4-40 Threaded Bulk 12 pcs.

Solder Clevises

Solder Clevis Image

Nickel-plated for easy soldering

Special barb holds retainer to prevent slipping

"Stepped" clevis pin prevents binding and friction on control arm

GPMQ3810 Standard Fits .074" Wire/Cable 2 pcs.
GPMQ3811 Standard Fits .074" Wire/Cable-Bulk Package 12 pcs.
GPMQ3814 Heavy Duty Fits .095" Wire/Cable 2 pcs.
GPMQ3815 Heavy Duty Fits .095" Wire/Cable-Bulk Package 12 pcs.

Nylon Clevises Nylon Clevis Image

Easy-to-grip, hex-shaped shank

Special barbs prevent retainer from slipping

These "barbed" clevises make a stronger, more dependable control linkage than traditional designs. They're also easier to screw on and off pushrods!

GPMQ3800 2-56 2 pcs.
GPMQ3801 2-56 12 pcs.
GPMQ3770 2-56 with 4" (100 mm) Pushrod with Split Coupler 1 pc.
GPMQ3772 2-56 with 12" (305 mm) Pushrods 2 pcs.
GPMQ3773 2-56 with 12" (305 mm) Pushrods 12 pcs.

Screw-LockTM Pushrod Connectors

Screw-Lock Pushrod Connectors lineart

Round pushrod connectors are difficult to grip-and screwdriver blades often slip right off those slotted-head screws. Our designers solve both problems with squared connectors that can easily be gripped with a pliers or wrench, and socket-style screws.

Squared for easy tightening with pliers or wrench

Secure with nylon or metal retainer (both included)

GPMQ3870 Screw-Lock Pushrod Connectors 2 pcs.
GPMQ3871 Screw-Lock Pushrod Connectors Bulk Package 12 pcs.
GPMQ3872 Nylon Retainers for Screw-Lock Pushrod Connectors 12 pcs.
GPMQ3873 Metal Retainers for Screw-Lock Pushrod Connectors 12 pcs.
GPMQ3875 Heavy Duty Screw-Lock Push Rod Connector 2 pcs.
GPMQ3876 Heavy Duty Screw-Lock Push Rod Connector Bulk 12 pcs.
GPMQ3877 Heavy Duty Metal Retainer 12 pcs.

Micro Screw-LockTM Pushrod Connectors

Micro Screw-Lock Pushrod Connectors lineart

Micro Screw-Locks are ideal for applications where keeping all-up weight to a minimum is important - and can also be used in all types of models up to 30 ounces (RTF weight).

The connector is made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum - with a square design that's easy to grip. The hole in the connector is positioned lower, to minimize unwanted connector movement on the servo arm for more precise control.

Connectors come complete with a hex wrench and two sizes of nylon retainers, for servo arms of different thicknesses.

GPMQ3881 Micro Screw-Lock Connectors w/Wrench 2 pcs.
GPMQ3882 Micro Screw-Lock Connectors w/Wrench 12 pcs.
GPMQ3883 Micro Screw-Lock Hex Wrench
GPMQ3884 Micro Screw-Lock Screws 6 pcs.
GPMQ3885 Micro Screw-Lock Pushrod Connector Retainers 12 pcs.

Control Horns

Control Horn Image

Available in three convenient sizes

GPMQ3900 Small Nylon 3/4" (19 mm) Long 2 pcs.
GPMQ3901 Large Nylon 1 1/8" (29 mm) Long 2 pcs.
GPMQ3902 Large Scale 2 pcs.

Pushrod Exits

Pushrod Exits Image

Narrower to reduce slop

Notched to reduce wire bend

GPMQ3730 Standard Hooded 2 pcs.

Nylon Torque Bearings

bearing lineart

Ideal for aileron torque rods and wire tailwheels

GPMQ4270 For 3/32" (.095") Dia. 4 pcs.

Coupling Sleeves

Coupling sleeves lineart

GPMQ4020 2-56 (.074") Split joins two .074" wires 4 pcs.
GPMQ4022 4-40 (.095") Split joins two .095" wires 4 pcs.

Ball Link Sets

Ball links lineart

Easy-to-grip, hex-shaped shank

Includes threaded coupler

GPMQ3840 2-56 Threaded 1 set
GPMQ3841 2-56 Threaded Bulk 6 sets
GPMQ3842 1/16" Threaded 1 set
GPMQ3843 1/16" Threaded Bulk 6 sets
GPMQ3844 Nylon Sockets for 2-56 Threaded Rod 4 pcs.

Nylon Swivel Clevis

Nylon swivel clevis lineart

Centered pivot for smoother action

Easy-to-grip, hex-shaped shank

GPMQ3860 Fits 3/32" Aileron Torque Rods 2 sets

Servo Saver System

Servo saver system lineart

Ideal for throttle and nose gear steering systems

Eliminates stalling and stripping of servo gears

GPMQ3890 Spring Over-Ride Servo Saver

Accu-GlideTM Nylon Pushrods

Accu-glide linart

The best nylon pushrods you can buy!

Increased bearing points for low friction

Interior and retainer tubes of Accu-Glide pushrods fit to extremely precise tolerances for smooth, low-friction performance.

GPMQ3710 36" (915 mm) Flexible w/ Hardware 2 sets
GPMQ3714 36" (915 mm) Semi-Flexible w/ Hardware 2 sets

Solid Wire Pushrods

Solid wire pushrod lineart

The same great pushrods included in Great Planes kits!

No elasticity for maximum precision

If you've built a Great Planes kit, you're already familiar with these. Because of their proven low elasticity-unaffected even by temperature extremes-Solid Wire pushrods have proven themselves in our kits for years.

GPMQ3716 36" (915 mm) Solid Wire (.074", 1.9 mm) w/ Guide Tube & 2-56 Hardware 2 sets
GPMQ3718 48" (1220 mm) Solid Wire (.095", 2.4 mm) w/ Guide Tube & 4-40 Hardware 2 sets

Flexible Cable Pushrods

Flexible cable pushrod lineart

Perfect for engine throttle

Brass plated cable for easier soldering

GPMQ3700 24" (610 mm) Flexible Cable w/ Hardware 1 set
GPMQ3702 36" (915 mm) Flexible Cable w/ Hardware 1 set

Threaded Pushrods

Threaded pushrod lineart

Make your own pushrods

GPMQ3741 2-56 (.074") x 12" 12 pcs.
GPMQ3743 4-40 (.095") x 12" (305 mm) 12 pcs.
GPMQ3750 2-56 (.074") x 12" (305 mm) 6 pcs.
GPMQ3751 2-56 (.074") x 12" (305 mm) Bulk 36 pcs.
GPMQ3752 4-40 (.095") x 12" (305 mm) 6 pcs.
GPMQ3753 4-40 (.095") x 12" (305 mm) Bulk 24 pcs.

Pull-Pull System
Pull-Pull System

2-56 & 4-40 Pull-Pull Systems offer more positive control than a pushrod, and are lighter in weight; both are also available in a Deluxe 2-Pack.

System includes brass rigging couplers, steel wire, steel clevises and lock nuts, and crimp fittings.

GPMQ3720 2-56 Pull-Pull System
GPMQ3726 4-40 Pull-Pull System
GPMQ3722 Deluxe 4-40 Pull-Pull System 2-Pack
GPMQ3725 Deluxe 2-56 Pull-Pull System 2-Pack

Bolt-on Swivel Ball Links

Ball link lineart

For smooth operation without binding

GPMQ3862 4-40 Bolt-On 1 pc.
GPMQ3864 4-40 Bolt-On Bulk 4 pcs.

FasLinkTM Pushrod Connector
Faslink Pushrod Connector lineart

 For quick, easy and secure linkages

Easier than making Z-Bends and requires no special tools

Fits .074" diameter pushrod wire

GPMQ3820 Nylon FasLink Pushrod Connector 4 pcs.

Threaded Couplers
Threaded Couplers lineart

Gradually tapered to threads for a stronger linkage

Machined fittings solder onto cable or wire to allow attachment of threaded clevises or ball links

GPMQ3830 2-56 (1/16") Solder-On Fits 1/16" Wire/Cable 2 pcs.
GPMQ3831 2-56 (.074") Solder-On Fits .074" Wire/Cable 2 pcs.
GPMQ3832 4-40 (.095") Solder-On Fits .095" Wire/Cable 2 pcs.

Nylon Bellcranks
Nylon bellcrank lineart

Machined brass bushing increases precision

GPMQ3920 90° with Mounting Hardware 2 pcs.

Dual End Ball Link
Dual End Ball Link
  • Ideal for pilots who are flying with just one aileron servo

  • Costs less than a two-servo system, and requires less setup, too

  • Can also be used for rudder/nose gear linkage

GPMQ3930 Dual End Ball Link

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