Mechanical Retracts

Mechanical RetractsAdded realism without a lot of added work

With their proven design and unique features, low-profile Mechanical Retracts are a solid investment in sleekness for sport models. They're available in three sizes, and all offer simple, straightforward installation and an affordable price.

  • Mounting flanges on the nylon-reinforced composite housing are molded to conform to airfoil shapes, ensuring a neat, smooth appearance

  • An 88° deployment angle ensures virtually perfect support for wings with dihedral of 0-2°

  • All (except .10 Retracts) include adjustable axles for no-bend ease in installation

  • Wire diameter: .10-size is 2 mm, .40-size is 3.5 mm and .60-size is 4.0 mm

  • All require wheel and retract servo
Stock Numbers:
GPMQ2900Mechanical Retracts .10
GPMQ2905Mechanical Retracts .40
GPMQ2910Mechanical Retracts .60