.40-.60 Size ARF Sport Floats

ARF Sport Floats
ARF Sport Floats close up

ARF Sport Floats with Great Planes quality.

Made of sturdy, lightweight fiberglass, with fast and easy final assembly, the .40-.60 Size ARF Sport Floats come already finished for use right out of the box. Modelers can also paint them to complement any trim scheme.

  • Designed to raise airplanes off the water smoothly and safely, with a ventral fin that preserves low-speed flight stability and straight tracking.

  • Can be steered using an in-float servo or with airplane rudder input.

  • Hardware is included for easy installation, and conversion of existing models to floats.

  • Also available: float kits.

Stock Number: GPMQ1882
Model Weight Class: 5.0-9.5 lb (2270-4310 g)
Float Length: 34.5 in (875 mm)
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