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Model Parts & Accessories

Wheels & Landing Gear

Engineered to stand up to "less-than-smooth" landings and boost any pilot's confidence.

UltraLiteTM Foam Wheels
Foam wheel lineart

Mounted on impact-resistant hubs

Exceptionally lightweight foam design

These precision-trued tires add as little weight as possible to your model and help absorb impact for smooth, worry-free landings. The edges are specially rounded to keep your model tracking straight down the runway.

GPMQ4200 1-3/4" (45 mm) 1 pair
GPMQ4201 2" (51 mm) 1 pair
GPMQ4202 2-1/4" (57 mm) 1 pair

GPMQ4203 2-1/2" (64 mm) 1 pair
GPMQ4204 2-3/4" (70 mm) 1 pair
GPMQ4205 3" (76 mm) 1 pair

Tailwheel lineart

Rubber tires on a strong, lightweight hub

GPMQ4240 3/4" (19 mm) 1 pc.
GPMQ4241 1" (25 mm) 1 pc.
GPMQ4242 1-1/4" (32 mm) 1 pc.
GPMQ4243 1-1/2" (38 mm) 1 pc.

Nylon Landing Gear Straps
Gear strap lineart

Available for recessed or exposed gear wire

GPMQ4250 Flat Strap w/Screws 4 pcs.
GPMQ4252 For 1/8" Wire w/Screws 4 pcs.
GPMQ4254 For 5/32" Wire w/Screws 4 pcs.

Dural Landing Gear
Landing gear lineart

Made of durable aluminum, predrilled for 8-32 axles

Stronger than wire gear

GPMQ1800 L12 .09
GPMQ1810 L1 .19
GPMQ1820 L2 .40
GPMQ1830 L3 .60
GPMQ1840 L4 Large .60
GPMQ1850 L8 Large .90-1.5

Wheel Pants
Wheel pants lineart

Molded from rugged ABS plastic

Tape, hardware and instructions included

GPMQ1770 Wheel Pants Med Sup. Sprt 40/Cap 40

Tailwheel Brackets
Tailwheel bracket lineart

GPMQ4265 Uses 3/32" Wire 1 pc.

Plated Brass Wheel Collars
Wheel collar lineart

Resists corrosion

Each set includes hex L-wrench

GPMQ4300 1/16" 4 pcs.
GPMQ4301 1/16" 12 pcs.
GPMQ4302 3/32" 4 pcs.
GPMQ4303 3/32 12 pcs.
GPMQ4304 1/8" 4 pcs.

GPMQ4305 1/8" 12 pcs.
GPMQ4306 5/32" 4 pcs.
GPMQ4307 5/32" 12 pcs.
GPMQ4308 3/16" 4 pcs.
GPMQ4309 3/16" 12 pcs.

Tailwheel Assembly
Tailwheel lineart

Requires tailwheel and retainer

Comes pre-bent, with nylon bearing/mounting tab in place

GPMQ1900 Tailwheel Assembly

Scale Tailwheel Assembly
Scale .60 Tailgear Assembly

Set includes a durable, scale-looking aluminum tailwheel bracket, 1-3/8 lightweight foam tire and all basic linkages and hardware.

Hardware is supplied for a scale-looking, spring centered pull/pull assembly that provides better dampening when landing on grass or rough runway surfaces.

Equipping the assembly with a steel pushrod (not included) allows modelers to utilize a direct-connect tailgear on their plane for crisp ground control.

GPMQ4245 Scale Tailwheel Assembly

Steerable Nose Gears
Nose gear lineart

Available in complete sets or individual parts

Unique bearing block can be used in one piece or may be separated for custom installation

GPMQ4260 Steerable Bent Set includes Bearing Blocks, Mounting Hardware & Steering Arm 1 set

GPMQ4261 Steerable Straight Set Includes Bearing Blocks, Mounting Hardware & Steering Arm 1 set

GPMQ4262 Steerable Straight Wire 1 pc.
GPMQ4263 Nylon Nose Gear Blocks for 5/32" Wire 1 set
GPMQ4264 Nylon Steering Arm with 5/32" Collar 1 pc.

Adjustable Axles
Axle lineart

Allows adjustment of axle height on landing gear struts

For strut style landing gear

GPMQ4279 1-1/4" x 1/8" 1 pair
GPMQ4280 1-1/4" x 5/32" 1 pair
GPMQ4281 2" x 5/32" 1 pair
GPMQ4282 2" x 3/16" 1 pair

Bolt-On Axle Shafts
Axle shaft lineart

For Flat Aluminum (Dural Style) Landing Gear

GPMQ4275 1-1/4" x 1/8" 1 pair
GPMQ4276 1-1/4" x 5/32" 1 pair
GPMQ4277 2" x 5/32" 1 pair
GPMQ4278 2" x 3/16" 1 pair

Nylon Strut Fitting
Strut fitting lineart

Works great on flying wires to stabilize wings.

Easy to install - threads onto 6-32 struts or threaded wire

GPMQ4258 6-32 Nylon Strut Fitting

Wing Tip Skids
Wing tip skids lineart

Protects wing tips from incidental contact with the ground.

Makes a great tail skid.

GPMQ4445 Nylon 3 pcs.

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