Giant Scale Hardware

  • First introduced in the 1/3 scale Matt Chapman CAP 580 ARF, this hardware can also be used with most any large-scale airplane up to 45 pounds.

  • Each component is engineered to be easy to install and operate.

  • Heavy-duty, to stand up to the stresses of large-scale models, but without adding excessive weight.

Servo Arms & Adapters

  • gpmm1165Servo arms are made of pressure-cast aluminum.

  • Very rigid and strong.

  • A variety of single- and double-arm sizes.

  • Adapters are glass-filled nylon.

  • Each servo arm includes adapters for Futaba, Airtronics, JR and Hitec servos!
GPMM1100Large Scale 1” Single Side Servo Arm
GPMM1105Large Scale 1.5” Single Side Servo Arm
GPMM1110Large Scale 2” Single Side Servo Arm
GPMM1115Large Scale 2.5” Single Side Servo Arm
GPMM1150Large Scale 1.5” Double Side Servo Arm
GPMM1155Large Scale 2” Double Side Servo Arm
GPMM1160Large Scale 2.5” Double Side Servo Arm
GPMM1165Large Scale 3” Double Side Servo Arm
GPMM1170Large Scale 3.5” Double Side Servo Arm
GPMM1175Large Scale 4” Double Side Servo Arm

Additional Adapters Available:

GPMM1290Large Scale Servo Arm Adapter Fut (6)
GPMM1291Large Scale Servo Arm Adapter Air/JR (6)
GPMM1292Large Scale Servo Arm Adapter Hitec (6)